Sunday, January 3, 2016



My name is Suze and I love doing something positive. I've always been a big fan of sending lovely mail to people and in 2014 I got the idea to send it not only to people I did know, but also to people I didn't know. I love making people happy, which is why I started this website. I hope that with my Happy Mail Project I will be able to make as many people happy as I can. 

More about me

Age: I'm 37 years old
Favorite Color: Pink
Things I love: Spending time with my loved ones, writing, reading, shopping, gourmet food, computer games, forests, France, jewelry and art.
My biggest fear: Wasps
My biggest dream: Becoming a published author
My worst feature: I can be a little bit clumsy
My best feature: I love with all my heart
My favorite food: Scallops, ice cream
What you can wake me up for at night: I'm usually up reading anyway, so a good book and ice cream
Things I dislike: Bigotry and bullying
Things I like: Rainbows and hearts (I'm still a big kid when it comes to cheerful things)
My favorite book: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell by Susanna Clarke
Pet peeve: I don't like it when someone steals food off my plate
My favorite type of candy: Chocolate and caramels
Pen pal fact: I started sending mail when I was 9 years old
Email address:

Can I join you?

Yes of course! I love it when people want to be involved. Please pay it forward and start sending happy mail as well.

No profit

I started this project because I want to do something nice for others. I don't aim to make any profit at all, I want to do this to cheer people up and will do whatever I can to make that happen.